Does your dog hates wearing harness/collar?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We all know that dog's favorite thing is to go for a walk.

It is important to put your dog on a leash to protect your dog from any unexpected situations and also to be considerate to other people who are afraid of dogs.

However, some dogs really hates to wear a harness or neck collar.

What should I do?

  • Check if the size of the harness is right.

You should allow some space (at least 2 fingers) between your dog's body and the

harness. You want it to be tight enough so it won't slip over, but loose enough to

have your dog feel comfortable.

  • Gently bring the harness close to your dog while praising them.

  • Leave the harness on your dog for few minutes or even few days (if necessary) until they get used to it

Despite all those efforts, some dogs may still refuse wearing the harness.

It is important to identify which step that your dog hates. It is possible that your dog may be afraid of the harness and feels uncomfortable when putting on/off the harness. For example, removing the harness might involve lifting your dog’s paws, reaching over the head or under the belly all of which are disliked by some dogs. It can be due to negative memories like tightening or chocking experiences.

NO TOUCH harness is specially designed for the type of dogs. It is also great for puppy to have a good first experience while being leash trained.(see more)

(No-Touch Harness from fifipet)

The elastic band around the chest and back releases the pressure when your dog pulls out.

Most importantly, You don't have to worry about buckling the harness, because it offers you the most simplistic method to leash your dog by avoiding to touch any part of the body and limits the process to just two simple buckles.

If there are two people, one person can distract the dog with toys or snacks while the other one stays behind the dog and buckle up. It is recommended to leash from behind than facing the dog.

No-touch harness will help to reduce the stress for both, dog and you.

Time to go for a happy walk!

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