Tips to measure your pet's size without ruler/measuring tape

When you purchase a leash, cloth, bandana is always recommended to measure the actual size of your pet first. That's because every brand has their own standard so your pet can be small size here but medium size there.

Certain breed or weight can be only for reference but each and every pet's can vary.

However, if you don't have any ruler or measuring tape, there is still a way to measure your pet's size.

What you need: phone, paper(or string) and a pen

1. Tear the paper to be thin and long enough as it will be your measuring tape.

It can be any kind of paper like newspaper, magazine, A4 paper etc... Paper can be replaced to string, towel, scarves or anything soft, just needs to be long enough to go around your pet's body.

2. Use the paper to gently go around the body and then mark it down on a paper.

3. Download the app "Ruler" which is a FREE app.

(*Not an AD)

4. Use the app to measure the paper until where you have marked down.

(Image of Ruler app)

Pet Size Measuring guide

- Measure the thickest part of what you need

- Consider the volume of fur as it is better to be loose than tight

(image copyright©barkertime)

We always recommend you to go a SIZE UP if your furry friend is in between.

As feeling comfortable is the most important thing :)


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