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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Many behavior problems in dogs are related to boredom and insufficient exercise. Dog spends most of their days indoors so going out for a walk is not enough for dogs to release their hunting and smelling instinct. Especially if you are living in a city, which is full of concrete. However, if you learn about how nosework works with dogs it can make their life much better!

What is Nosework

Nosework is an activity that allows your dog to use their natural desire to hunt.

Dog's brain is about 10% size of a human. However, it is known that the olfactory neuron, which controls odor in the brain, is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans.

In addition, humans have 10 million smell receptors while cats has 65 million, for dogs especially those that act as police dogs such as Shepard, has 200 million smell receptors. Dog living at home, this natural sense of smell cannot be fully exerted. This is because dogs living with humans have food prepared so they don't have to hunt or search for food with their sense of smell. Nosework is a training that provides an opportunity to use your dog's instinctive sense of smell.

What is the benefit of doing Nosework

  • Burns energy: Got a naughty dog? Rather than constantly making him high with more and more exercises, try the Nosework. Problem solving is exhausting and your dog won't have energy to destroy things. Pair that with the soothing effects of sniffing. Nosework is one of the most powerful training for soothing a hyperactive dog.

  • Builds confidence: Learning a new thing and solving the problem by their own boosts confidence.

  • All dogs can do: All ages and breeds can do nosework without learning how to do.

  • Strengthens your bond with your dog: Encourage your dog to use their nose to find snacks and motivate them with positive reactions.

  • Teaches your dog how to solve problems: Many dogs easily get what they want without thinking or trying hard. Which makes your dog more and more impatient and demanding. Nosework allows your dog to use his nose to solve problems and rewarding by solving and finding snack.

How to do Nosework training/game

You can simply hide some snacks under the blanket or wrap it with paper and let your dog to search. However you have to keep an eye on them to avoid them having to munch on the paper as well.

There are also toys specially designed for nosework. You will find your dog busy sniffing and figuring out how to get the reward.

(Tangerine brothers from fifipet)

(Pebble brothers from fifipet)

(Chestnut toy from fifipet)

(Apple nosework toy from fifipet)

(Clam shell with pearl from fifipet)

(Golden Goose from fifipet)

Hide your dogs favorite snack inside the toy and let your dog to enjoy sniffing and searching.

There are also various level of dog puzzle for nosework training.

(Nina Ottosson from

Nosework is simple and easy way to keep your dog busy indoors (without destroying your poor innocent furnitures) and they can enjoy every day even on rainy day.

Try it from today!

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