How to make your pet live 5 years longer

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Approximately 80% of dogs and cats over 6 years of age suffer from dental disease.

It has been said by veterinary dental specialists that if you brush your dog's or cat's teeth regularly that they will live to 17 or 18 years old. If you don't your pet may only live until around age 12. Which is 5 years of difference!

DENTAL DISEASE starts when bacteria + food + saliva are combined to form a plaque.

If plaque isn't removed by brushing or chewing, it reacts with minerals to form a hard yellow substance called tartar. Tatar build up on the tooth and under the gums which causes inflammation. Not only does it cause bad breath but also pain, and recession of the gum tissue and bone which can lead to losing of their teeth. With the right daily oral care your pet can live longer and can avoid expensive trips to the vet.

Apart from going to vet for scaling what you can do are,

- Brush Teeth

- Apply tooth gel

- Serve dental care dry food

- Give long-lasting chew toy or snack

Among above, the most important thing is to"brush teeth daily" or at least 3 times a week.


Although I am aware how important brushing teeth is, it wasn't easy to brush my dog's teeth since she hated it so much. My poor dog already had a bad dental condition from the time I got her, which my veterinarian said it's unusual for her age. So I had no choice but to take special care of her dental health.

Through a lot of research and attempts, I am now proud to say that I am able to brush her teeth on a daily basis. YAY!

Well, I needed a lot of tool in order to make this successful but now I can stick with few of them.


1. Let them get used to the smell: Start by letting your pet to smell and lick small amount of pet toothpaste from your finger.

2. Make them get used to the brushing tool: Start by using your finger with gauze then use single toothbrush.

3. Praise and give them treat by increasing the time: Do not brush yet! Only touch the teeth and stay there as long as they can bare with it, and give them a treat. Increase the time slowly.

3. Once you have mastered that you can begin brushing in slow circular movements 

while praising and speaking to them in a friendly manner.

4. Remember, first experience counts! Avoid brushing their teeth aggressively and use soft & small toothbrush first.

(Single toothbrush from fifipet)

After mastering with gauze I've tried a toothbrush, which was given for free and found out that it was a bad idea. The brush was too hard for my girl. She was bleeding and in pain which did not turn out well.

After some search I've tried single toothbrush and it made my life much easier. She was able to bare with it and I love that I could concentrate on particular part.

Single toothbrush with extra small brush head helped brushing the outer part of teeth perfectly. However it was not easy to reach inner part of molar. So I combined single toothbrush with another toothbrush called Curaprox which has 7,600 filaments yet soft and firm enough to brush teeth effectively.

I also use tooth gel on some particular area of her teeth. It sounds a bit too much, but I am willing to do these things to keep her longer beside me.

Try brushing your pet's teeth on daily base and keep them healthy!

(Organic toothpaste/ Tooth Gel/ Curaprox toothbrush from fifipet)

Be patient. It takes time, but it is worth it.

  • You must use pet toothpaste: Do not use human toothpaste

  • Always make it happy experience with lots of praise & treats!

  • Start with eatable tooth gel to squeeze directly on teeth if brushing is too hard

  • Find the right toothbrush

Beside from brushing teeth, also give them chew toys to remove plaque in a fun way!

(Dental chew toys from fifipet)

Hope all of our furry friend live without pain, simply happy and healthy!


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