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    Do you always have to explain to others that your dog needs some space? It can be many reason why your dog needs space but it is impossible to explain to everyone. 

    This "Message Leash" will help you out. It is written "NO-TOUCH" in a large letter, repeated all over the leash so that people can't miss it!  Message is clear from the distance. Message lead is supporting <The yellow dog project>


    The Yellow Dog Project

    The Yellow Dog Project is a global movement for parents of dogs that NEED SPACE​​​​​​​. Some dog needs additional space for a variety of reasons including health issues, rehabilitation, unfamiliar with others approach, rescue dog with behind story or during training etc... It doesn't mean the dog is just aggressive, hopefully this project can be the chance to understand and respect(support) that there could be many reasons why some dog needs space. 


    -D-ring to hang the poop bag

    -Instantly Recognizable Design

    -NO-TOUCH message is written large all over the leash

    -Durable and light weight

    -Made in Korea

    Message Leash [The yellow dog project]

    • Total Length: 2M

      Weight: 90g