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    Curaprox Premium Toothbrush

    Recommended by dentist!

    For both pets and human. It was made for human originally, but a lot of pet owners recognize its super soft and small brush head would be perfect for the pets. It became well known among pet owners first and Curapox decided to name it officially as a pet toothbrush.

    So it is not only for pet but you can have one too! 

    You will be amazed how soft it is. Highly recommended especially for week gums.

    - Incredibly soft, gentle and effective

    - Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing

    - Perfectly suited to get into all those harder to reach cracks and cevices Significant demands are placed on toothbrushes for dogs and cats. The filament is the most important part of a toothbrush. Unlike other toothbrush, Curapox do not use nylon but use very fine filaments made of CUREN. CUREN gives a finer bristle ensuring there is no damage to the gums during use.

    -Each individual filament is rounded at the tip so the gums are cleaned and massaged without the gum surface being injured.

    -Random Color

    Curaprox Premium Toothbrush

    • Curaden AG  is a Swiss-owned company. All Curaprox products have been created and developed in Switzerland since 1972.