Dry me towel 

    Renewal  size got even Bigger! 

    Drying is most important part after bath.

    Pet has much more sensitive skin than human and left over wetness can cause eczema. 

    There are new technologies for drying(dryer, dry room etc.) but still has many issues such as dryness of skin or stress from the noise.

    So, drying up with the towel as much as you can at first stage is very important. 


    - 1 Dry me towel is equal to 4 basic towel

    - Absorbs max 2.5 liter

    - 1 Dry me towel is suitable for pet under 10kg

    Dry Me Towel

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    • 400 x 750 (mm) >>

      AFTER RENEWAL 500 x 1000 (mm)