• Zeal | New Zealand

    SPARE RIBS 200g/500g

    -Suitable for dogs 

    100% pure natural New Zealand beef treats.

    • High protein, low fat, 
    • Free of grains & gluten.
    • Excellent chew with lots of meat and red marrow, soft bones from calves.
    • Great for aggressive chewer


    ZEAL® 100% Pure Natural pet treats are trustworthy. Absolutely NO colourings, flavour add, additives, steroids(HGP) or preservatives.Treat your pet with a tasty and healthy source of nutrients.


    *recommended for over 9month dog

    *Please supervise your pet when feeding this treat.

    Zeal Spare ribs 200g/500g [for dog]

    • 100% NZ Veal Ribs(Beef)