• Zeal | New Zealand

    VEAL SHANKS 150g

    100% Natural New Zealand grass fed veal

    -Great treat for big dogs

    -Moderate hardness, good for aggressive Chewer

    -Support Immune system, Blood health and Growth.


    Top micronutrients: Vitamin, Minerals fibre and Omega 3Vitamin B12, Niacin(B3), Zinc, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Riboflavin(B2)Benefit of grass fed vealGrass fed veal has only 1/3 fat compare to non-grass fed one.Grass fed veal is one of the top food contains big amount of Omega-3. It's Omega-3 fatty acid is 2~4 times more than grain-fed beef. Omega-3 is good for brain and helps to reduce cardiovascular disease. It's CLA (Conjugated Linolenic Acid) is 3 ~ 5 times higher and helps the body to resist oxidation.

    * Safety reminder: always monitor your dog not to swallow big piece. 

    Zeal Veal Shanks 150g [for dog]

    • 100% NZ Veal Shanks