• Zee.Dog | New York

    Leash NARA

    Made of soft and resistant polyester, our dog leashes are super soft on the hands and come with our iconic rubber skull logo that protects the stitching. The super hook locks for an effortless and safe walking experience.


    • Super hook locks when you rotate the locking screw
    • Patent pending lock technology
    • Super hook swivels 360 degrees
    • Made of soft and resistant teteron polyester
    • Crisp and bright colors
    • Rubber skull protects stitches for longer durability
    • Please note, every item that is part of this collection will have different color variations

    *Matching Harness are sold separately. You can find it at "Harness Collection"

    Zeedog- Leash(Nara)

    •   Width Length
      XS 1.0 cm 120 cm
      S 1.5 cm  120 cm
      L 2.5 cm 120 cm